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Michele "Skully" Foulkrod, LMT


Each person that comes to me has a goal, whether it's to get a kink out of their neck, to address chronic issues such as a herniated disc or whiplash, or to simply relax. I feel that I am on a team with each of my clients; my goal being to educate each of my team members all that I can, within my scope of practice, so that maximum results can be achieved. No matter how "simple" or "difficult" your issue may seem, I take pride in putting 110% into helping you reach your goal. Many therapists say that we should only focus our attention on one modality (i.e. deep tissue) because we can only be really great at one thing. This is a limiting belief and I don't agree with it. On the contrary, you deserve to have a well rounded therapist so that you can receive the treatment you need, not the treatment that your therapist is limited to providing you. For this reason, I will continue to learn techniques that I am not already familiar with, and hone these skills so that you're receiving quality service. Just as important, if I cannot provide you with the treatment that you need, I will gladly refer you to another therapist who I believe can. I have a competent understanding of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, pathology as it relates to massage, and anatomy & physiology. In addition, I am very comfortable with deep tissue work, relaxation therapy, and Craniosacral therapy. You will also find that I take the subject of ethics and safety just as seriously as the subject of massage itself, because we all deserve to be in a trustworthy environment and to be treated with a high level of integrity. With that said, I want to say thank you for your interest and I sincerely hope to work with you soon. *Graduated from Central Florida School of Massage Therapy (Winter Park, FL) *Practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy (Touch Education, Inc.) *AA - Valencia Community College

Matthew Foulkrod, LMT


I am a strong and energetic therapist with extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. I have the strength and endurance to provide the pressure for a deep tissue treatment, as well as the light touch needed if relaxation is what you're looking for. By combining proper technique and multiple modalities, I will provide you with treatment that is specific to your needs. Along with your treatment, my intent is to provide you with the proper education, which will hopefully help you obtain better health and quality of life. As a military veteran with a service-related injury to my low back, I am very familiar with chronic, debilitating pain. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from the same type of issues are only presented with the option of prescription medications and/or steroid injections to cope. Unfortunately, these options usually only mask the pain and tend to never directly deal with what is causing it. Before I was introduced to massage, I was on a substantial amount of prescription medication in order to cope day to day. However, within a matter of months after receiving regular massage, I was able to completely stop my "pain management" regiment and feel normal again. I want to pass on my knowledge and experience so that hopefully you or the one you love can have a less painful or a even pain FREE life. I look forward to meeting and helping new clients improve their health and quality of life. Keeping your body moving and healthy is not just my job, it's my goal. "A body in motion tends to stay in motion." - Sir Isaac Newton *Graduated from Central Florida School of Massage Therapy (Winter Park, FL) *Practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy (Touch Education, Inc.) *Army National Guard - Retired