We target your therapeutic needs...not your wallet!


We at Bullseye Massage hold ourselves to the highest standards. Professionalism, customer service, higher education, and ethics are the foundation of our practice. Everyone at Bullseye Massage loves what they do and take pride in their craft, and we feel that it shows.

Our therapists continue their education beyond the minimal requirements and concentrate on specific areas of interest, such as Deep Tissue Techniques and advanced courses in Craniosacral Therapy. We want to make sure our clients receive their treatments from someone who truly knows what they're doing.



Several people have told us that they have received a massage that hurt and, even worse, that their therapist insisted that pain is a good sign that the massage is working. Sadly, even if the massage happened to help, those people are thinking twice about ever receiving a massage again...and anyone who has heard their story will also become hesitant to receive a massage. To everyone, we want to say MASSAGE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PAINFUL. Are there certain muscles and knots that are less comfortable to access? Absolutely. But even then, there are techniques that an educated massage therapist knows in order to access even the "difficult" muscle groups with minimized discomfort. This is why the continuing education that we receive in Deep Tissue techniques as well as knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy is so important.



Bullseye Massage started in 2012 in Orlando, FL. Our business began by renting a single room from an established spa located on Lake Eola, and also traveling to clients' homes. Three years later, Bullseye Massage uprooted in order to move to the beautiful City of Pensacola. We were set on being centrally located, so we were very fortunate to make our home in the historic Brent building, right in the heart of downtown Pensacola.

Bullseye Massage is co-owned by Michele "Skully" Foulkrod, LMT and Matthew Foulkrod, LMT. Skully comes from a family of military veterans and Matt is a military veteran himself, who retired in 2012 after sustaining injuries during his service in the FL Army National Guard. It's easy to see why we have a soft spot in our heart for all military and will do our part to support them as well as First Responders.

It has been an absolute joy doing business here in Pensacola and we look forward to being here for years to come.


Bullseye Massage is recognized by the Florida Department of Health, State of Florida, City of Pensacola, and Escambia County and has passed all inspections required in order to operate. The therapists at Bullseye Massage each maintain an active professional license. This means that each therapist has completed at least 500 hours of schooling at an institution recognized by the industry; passed the Florida State exam; undergone a federal background check; and participates in approved continuing education that is relevant to massage therapy, including Ethics, State Law, and Medical Error prevention


While we will always do our best to keep the line of communication open to discuss massage therapy with you, it's usually you that we're needing to hear from.
Before the massage: Should you have any questions even before you book your appointment, that's great! Give us a call or send us an email and we'll be more than happy to talk with you.
During the massage: We encourage everyone to speak up if there is anything your therapist can do to make your massage session more comfortable.
After the massage: We love to hear the progress that has been made, any questions you might have, and when you'll be back to see us.